Billboard Types

Acceptable traditional sizes range from 6×12 to 14×48. Over 800 board faces are offered to parishes throughout Southeastern Louisiana.

Enhancement Options


An option to add a static image extending off the regular four-sided billboard. You can use this strategy to draw eyes to your board and add a unique element that will stand out from the crowd.


is a process in which your tarp would be moved to different locations, helping you saturate an area with your brand for increased brand awareness. This strategy mimics the feel of having multiple boards at one time without purchasing multiple boards.


Our large impact bulletin billboards allow a dominating presence in your market. With the high traffic counts these boards receive, it is a sure way to direct traffic to your business. Posters are 12×24 billboards and are a great way to target your audience and out Jr. posters are a great economical alternative for targeting your audience.

Digital Boards

Digital Boards allow us to rotate multiple messages on one board. With no artwork set up and no cost to change your message, digital boards have a lower CPM than any other media. Schedule your message to change on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. This allows for day-parting massages such as “Visit us for lunch” during lunch rush versus “Dinner Specials” after 6pm. Sizes include 10 x 36, 12 x 32 and 12 x 24. Digital boards are weatherproof, so the rain will never "slow down" an installation.

Tri Vision Boards

The surface of a Tri-Vision billboard is divided into vertical strips. Each strip has 3 sides that rotate on a timed schedule. Compared to a bulletin board, the changing of the message alone draws more eyes to your advertisement. Purchasing options include one of the sides, or you can create a three-stage message by purchasing all three panels. Available in 12 x 36.