Design Tips

Designing artwork for a successful billboard campaign can feel daunting. With an in-house design team, we’re here to design the best artwork to meet your campaign and business goals with no cost to you. With the right message and visuals, viewers will not only be attentive to your message, but take action. If you do design your own billboard, remember these tips.

Tip 01

Less Really Is More

Keep your message short! Your advertisement should be clear and to the point, using one general theme. Ideally, we recommend against using more than 6-8 words.

Keep in mind, you’ll only have about 6 seconds to make an impact!

Tip 02

Easy on the Eyes

While hot pink can definitely catch attention, be cautious in the colors chosen for your artwork. Choose high-contrast colors that make the board easy to read from a distance.

Ask about our illuminated signs to ensure night travelers have the same visual experience.

Attention is Everything

Play it safe, but don’t play it boring! Think of fun ways to say your message or eye-catching visuals that will break through the “noise” drivers, passengers, bikers, and even pedestrians see on their route.

For best results, use large, legible typefaces, words composed of both upper and lower case characters, and high resolution images in your design.

Tip 03
Tip 04

Clear Actions Win

Send customers from your billboard to either your location or their phones to search for further info regarding your business. The more clear the messaging, the more likely they are to take immediate action.

Things to Avoid:

Images larger than 600x600 pixels

Too many/low contrast colors

Decorative Fonts

Too much information

Unclear, low resolution Imagery

Small Text

Ineffective Billboard Designs

Effective Billboard Designs

Designing your own board? Make it easy on yourself with one our templates.

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